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Maui Dolphin

We were really lucky to have Nicole Sturgess come and visit us on Friday to talk about the Maui Dolphin. Nicole is a past pupil of Oakura School who is a Marine Biologist for the Department of Conservation. We will be continuing our learning around Maui Dophin next week.

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Lantern Festival Drama

This week we have been looking at the Chinese Lantern Festival and how people can get together and co-operate bravely and imaginatively to deal with a common threat. We have been doing this through drama; practising some of the conventions of drama, including hot seating, find your space and freeze frames.

Re-create a Masterpiece Art - This is AWESOME!

Can you find out the name of the painting and the artist that Quinn has re-created?
What about this one? Clue - her name is a big hint!
And then the one below - this one might be a bit more challenging.....

WOW! We've Been Reading lots of Books in EPIC! during Lockdown!

Room 6 are doing some of their reading at home on EPIC!  Check out how many books they have read over the last 5 weeks!  Good job team!

Woo Hoo! Fancy Face Day! Thanks for the idea Danni!

Together, Room 6 3/4 are rocking this Lockdown Learning!